Aranis (B,2005)****
'...This is a successful and perfectly disciplined ‘soft chamber music rock’ project, with professionally worked out tracks in a R.I.O. style, which became almost like a typical Belgian style possibility. The tracks flow with rich melodic freshness from one to the other. There’s a lightness combined with a more heavy bass and rhythmic improvisational rock drive embedded in a classical structure. The subtle vocal/choir arrangements on "Yosu" give the music an extra higher dimension. Here and there, like in “Oyma” a few folk element touches or improvisations are carefully almost unnoticeable swallowed in the musical structure, but perhaps these few elements are simply coincidental. Last few tracks, but especially "Pantra" and "Labyrinth" are more like tango chamber music...' door Gerald Van Waes (November 2005)

Review Soundslike Aranis xxxx
'...Cocktail van verstild minimalisme met postrockdrive, exotische Hector Zazou- achtige (zigeuner) invloeden en Music For Egon Schiele- weemoed in ijzersterke composities met thriller- plots. Deze band verdient daarmee meer dan alleen airplay van Klara's 'Fresco' tot Radio 1's 'Cucamonga', ook buiten de landgrenzen zal dit best gepruimd worden...Roskilde 2006, here we come! S. Flipkens (December 2005)

Beste cd's van 2005 volgens De Standaard -Roots-
Op de 8ste plaats: Aranis! De Standaard (24 December 2005)

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