'... The debut CD is a mix of classical music, rock, folk and minimalism ... Aranis situates itself next to Flemish bands such as D.A.A.U., Bal Des Boiteux or Ballroomquartet, but the band members also hear comparisons with Michael Nyman or John Zorn...'
Interview Gazet Van Antwerpen (4 November 2005)

'... The melting pot of music styles is well assembled and has enough character and quality to be interesting... They would attract enthusiasts of other "classical cross-over acts" such as DAAU and Boenox...'
See: (November 2005)

'... the trio Indrigo, Jona and Vuur are interesting, cinematic compositions with echoes from genre companions DAAU and Boenox, but there seems to be a hint of Wim Mertens as well...
Zone 03 (December 2005)

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