'With a bit of luck, the young guns of Aranis may soon be signed up by one of the big record labels. After all, the music the seven of them perform is of the kind that is extremely well marketable...'
Kwadratuur- Koen Van Meel

'... Impressive debut album ... An affair between elegant chamber music and febrile energy. There are vague strokes of the same colour Michael Nyman or Wim Mertens would use to paint their watercolours. But it is mostly the voice of Troissoeur ringing through: dramatic and passionate, stirring and dreamy at the same time...'
De Bond (November 2005)

'... "We have chosen to label our music as 'acoustic chamber-rock',” Liesbeth smiles. "We do not want to be limited to just one label though; our style is far from unequivocal. I am convinced that this way, our music will appeal to a wide audience. Both young and old will find points of reference. There are some that mention a meeting of romantic chamber music, energetic post-rock, dreamy folk and alienating avant-garde; others call it a mix of melancholy and lightness."
Interview with De Krant van West-Vlaanderen

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