Aranis ****
Unknown and far too unloved, yet with a great deal of class ... Fact is that Aranis brings its very own sound that is apparently enjoyed by various authorities ... Wherever the ensemble performs, positive reactions is all you hear ...
Stage (December 2005)

'... Anyone looking for some casual music is definitely at the wrong address with these people. But if special arrangements and experimental jazz tickle your fancy, you will certainly enjoy this sublime – at least for me – CD ... by Tsjoecka '... Aranis does not care a hoot about labels and they’re absolutely right Jak
Folkroddels (December 2005)

'Aranis casts off classical yoke at De Vieze Gasten'
'Aranis is made up of seven young, classically-trained musicians with guts. On CD and on stage, these guts sound like thrilling soundtracks à la Sigur Ros and swinging folk. Or chamber music with balls...'
'Interview with Zone 09 (7-13 December 2005)'

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