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The pick of Focus-Knack: 'Aranis'
Classical music and rock are growing towards one another. An evolution we can only be pleased about. Recently, it was Aranis, a septet from Antwerp and one of the laureates of the Gouden Vleugels (Golden wings) competition, who made the rock press. The band leader is a familiar face: double bass player Joris Vanvinckenroye, who already won his spurs with Troissoeur. His buddy in this unconventional folk ensemble, Edwin Vanvinckenroye, for that matter, also takes care of the only vocal track on Aranis’ recent, untitled debut in his typical, inexistent language: Zilezi. Another remarkable guest on the album is Dick Van der Harst, driving force behind Het muziek Lod. Already the versatility of Aranis has generated a whole range of comparisons. The ensemble has been associated with Michael Nyman, Yann Tiersen and Wim Mertens. Some recognize, in Aranis’ musical universe, elements of the post-rock of Rachel's, and if you listen closely, you may even find traces of world music and tango. The ladies and gentlemen of the exciting orchestra themselves prefer the definition 'acoustic chamber-rock'. One thing is certain: their compositions cause quite a stir and have a cinematic quality. How long will it be before some director gives them a ring?
Focus Knack (January 2006)

Best CDs of 2005 according to De Standaard newspaper -Roots-
In 8th position: Aranis!
De Standaard (24 December 2005)

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