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22 Juli 2009
New website online 01/09!

26 Juni 2009
Aranis in Paris 06/2009 by Nicolas Meier: Click here

25 Februari 2009
Aranis is going to record a new album in April, it will be available in autumn. The impatient fans can already buy our first album, our second album, our single, and our LP (limited edition with the best songs of Aranis I and II) on line (see 'CD')

25 Februari 2009
The RIO-festival will take place on the 18th, 19th, 20th of September 2009, Aranis plays on Saterday. Hope to see you all there!!!

18 Juli 2008
Hi, Meet us at RIO (Carmaux- France) at 17th-18th of April 2009!

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