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12 April 2011

New pics online by Katrien Mariman (@Madam Fortuna- Antwerp 10/04)

13 Maart 2011

Aranis celebrates her 10th birthday on 23/06/'12 in Antwerp (BE). We will bring an unique concert with music of all Aranis CD's with a lot of special guests! More info soon online...

20 Januari 2011

Very content that we play at Colours of Ostrava (Czech Republic) this summer! More info soon...

5 Januari 2011

Wishes everyone a splendid 2011!!!

17 November 2010

Great news! Aranis will play again on RIO '11 in France! BUT; not as 'Aranis' but in a special big project called 'Once upon a time...' with Univers Zero -Present & Aranis on one stage! We'll play music of eachother an new music!

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