2 Februari 2017

Our CD is ready! You can order it via this site. Digital downloads via

21 December 2016

New website coming up! 

17 Juni 2016

New GOFUNDME- campagne online: (in return: wonderful prices!). Take a look! 


About a girl

Aranis 2017

Do not expect covers nor classical arrangements, but be prepared for a whole new interpretation and execution of Nirvana by Aranis



"Classical music and rock are growing towards one another. An evolution we can only be pleased about."
Focus Knack

"Two violins, a double bass, accordion, piano, flute, guitar and almost no voice: it is quite clear that Aranis wants to make music you do not hear just anywhere."
De Standaard

"Aranis does not care a hoot about labels and they're absolutely right"

"The secret of Aranis lies in the compelling fact that, as a listener, you are flung to and fro between the finesse of a classical concert and the excitement of a rock concert."
De Tijd

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