17 September 2014

Aranis VI is IN DA HOUSE!!! Order directly via our site! :-)

1 September 2014

You can pre- order our brand new CD NOW!!!

20 Augustus 2014

A lot of new stuff here very soon....Check it out from Sept. 1th! Cheers!


Tolles pferd

Aranis 2014

Aranis VI is a touch of drumless Balkanic Klezmer- punk, a glimpse of 100% Brussels- deserts tango and improvised moments that manage to never really sound like "jazz".


Video by Robbe Maes


"Classical music and rock are growing towards one another. An evolution we can only be pleased about."
Focus Knack

"Two violins, a double bass, accordion, piano, flute, guitar and almost no voice: it is quite clear that Aranis wants to make music you do not hear just anywhere."
De Standaard

"Aranis does not care a hoot about labels and they're absolutely right"

"The secret of Aranis lies in the compelling fact that, as a listener, you are flung to and fro between the finesse of a classical concert and the excitement of a rock concert."
De Tijd

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